The Morning After

It has been a hard couple of months.  Last night the conflict that has laid bare the deep fissures in our country were brought to a head.  This election's results were going to be historic regardless of the outcome.  This morning I realize this history being a much longer story than I previously acknowledged.  Although … Continue reading The Morning After

Election Armageddon: Facilitation Ideals for Debate Moderators

In case you missed it, it’s election season. While the campaign process doesn’t immediately conjure up ideas of introspection, thoughtful exchanges of ideas, and learning that facilitators typically support, there are still good lessons to be learned this fall...even from the presidential debates.   Before the first debate I spent some time blogging about how the … Continue reading Election Armageddon: Facilitation Ideals for Debate Moderators

Behaviors for Learning: Election Style

The facilitator and mediator in me has been really intrigued as the hype ramps up in advance of the first presidential debate tonight.  In addition to the candidates themselves, much has been made of the role of the moderator and this person's influence on the debate process.  While I love the attention to the way … Continue reading Behaviors for Learning: Election Style