Conflict Coaching

megaphone-1019915_640Training is great but let’s be real, developing new skills takes time and support. Changing your habits around managing conflict is complex and difficult work. Even when you remember to apply new learning, you’re bound to come up with new questions and encounter new challenges along the way.

You can get the most out of your conflict resolution training by pairing it with ongoing coaching. Carrie Bennett will work with you to build a coaching plan to support your goals. She will pair structured reflection and new information to support your skill development and help hold you accountable along the way.

Coaching Topics May Include:

  • Managing strong emotions
  • Questions to support curiosity
  • Conflict prevention
  • Structures for developing a culture of problem solving
  • Developing skills across conflict styles
  • Language refinement for graceful confrontation
  • Fairness and transparency in accountability
  • ___________ (your idea here!)

Whether you prefer to work online with a group of peers or in person one on one, Carrie can provide the structure and support you need. Online cohorts begin on a rolling basis. Contact Carrie to find out when a new group is beginning and join in the learning!