Meetings People Want to Attend

Tomorrow I have the tremendous honor of presenting at Fort Collins' Startup Week.  As a hub for innovation (it's not just the birthplace of good beer!), Fort Collins has a thriving entrepreneur community and I'm excited to get to share some tips with this year's attendees. The workshop description says: We're all familiar with the … Continue reading Meetings People Want to Attend

Making the Most of a Fort Collins Work Trip

Normally on my blog I share ideas for managing conflict, making the most of time in meetings, and ways that I see groups excelling at bringing out the best of one another in hard circumstances.  This week I have the opportunity to with with a team whose members are coming to Fort Collins from all … Continue reading Making the Most of a Fort Collins Work Trip

Difference, Dialogue, Discovery

Following one of the most divisive and difficult elections in modern history, it feels like we're now left with a country that's more divided than ever.  As a mediator and facilitator, I strive to keep my own ideological beliefs private and preserve an air of neutrality that will serve my diverse clients' needs. This is … Continue reading Difference, Dialogue, Discovery

The Morning After

It has been a hard couple of months.  Last night the conflict that has laid bare the deep fissures in our country were brought to a head.  This election's results were going to be historic regardless of the outcome.  This morning I realize this history being a much longer story than I previously acknowledged.  Although … Continue reading The Morning After

Election Armageddon: Facilitation Ideals for Debate Moderators

In case you missed it, it’s election season. While the campaign process doesn’t immediately conjure up ideas of introspection, thoughtful exchanges of ideas, and learning that facilitators typically support, there are still good lessons to be learned this fall...even from the presidential debates.   Before the first debate I spent some time blogging about how the … Continue reading Election Armageddon: Facilitation Ideals for Debate Moderators

DOVIA Colorado Conference on Volunteerism

What a day!  Today I had the honor of giving a keynote address to attendees at DOVIA's Colorado Conference on Volunteerism.  I was not surprised but SO impressed with the depth of thought and experience that participants brought to our work together.  HUGE thanks to all of the volunteers who organized the conference and to … Continue reading DOVIA Colorado Conference on Volunteerism

Systems for Success: Salmon Style

Last week my life looked very different than it does this week...and I still found myself thinking hard about conflict, its prevention, and its resolution.  To be clear, I was not practicing any mediation or facilitation.  I was not drinking coffee with potential clients or collaborators.  I wasn't in Colorado, or even in Oregon.  Instead, … Continue reading Systems for Success: Salmon Style

Fireworks, Neighbors, Peace?

I love the 4th of July.  From the nostalgia I feel for our family rituals from my childhood to the timeless tradition of oohing and aahing as fireworks light up the sky, it's an amazing day.  I love the way that parades are for every0ne, even tiny kids on tricycles.  I love pool parties, flag … Continue reading Fireworks, Neighbors, Peace?