Conflict is a remarkable beast.  In the best of times, it leads to positive transformation and growth.  In the worst of times, it sucks up our time and energy and distracts us from the things that are truly important.   Within your teams, the ways you are able to raise concerns, make decisions, and maintain relationships throughout your efforts can make or break even the best ideas.

What is it that makes this difference?  How can we harness the best of our differences without letting them get the best of us? Learning Through Difference, LLC can help! Read on to see how each of our services can help unlock a current challenge and move your work forward.

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Low Fares Bost Scientific Collaboration?

Across fields, the benefits to co-laboring (collaboration) or working together continues to gain momentum.  Given the benefits of having multiple minds working together on difficult problems, more and more attention is getting paid to the conditions that support successful collaboration.  This is as true in K-12 education as it is in top scientific research.  So … Continue reading Low Fares Bost Scientific Collaboration?

Reducing Risk Through Conflict Management

When we think trying to reduce workplace conflict, we typically think about it in terms of reducing stress, improving retention of good employees, and boosting productivity.  In my mind, it’s all a part of creating a thriving and supportive workplace culture. An recent blog post on Mediate.com got me thinking about workplace conflict management in … Continue reading Reducing Risk Through Conflict Management

Systems for Success: Salmon Style

Last week my life looked very different than it does this week…and I still found myself thinking hard about conflict, its prevention, and its resolution.  To be clear, I was not practicing any mediation or facilitation.  I was not drinking coffee with potential clients or collaborators.  I wasn’t in Colorado, or even in Oregon.  Instead, … Continue reading Systems for Success: Salmon Style

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