At Learning Through Difference, LLC we believe that the conversations that most need to happen are also the most challenging to navigate. We help teams get to the heart of issues with efficiency and safety. When teams can talk about what matters most, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish.

While conflict is the most basic of human experiences, it is also one that many feel poorly prepared to manage well. Learning Through Difference, LLC provides structures and skills that help groups be hard on problems but be easy on people. We will help your team transform the stress, frustration, and uncertainty that comes with conflict into learning and growth. Read on about our services or contact us to explore your unique needs.

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Interest Based Bargaining: Part 3

As we’ve seen in previous posts, calling something “Interest Based Bargaining” does not necessarily make it effective.  I would argue that some processes parading around as IBB, really shouldn’t even have that name.  In fact, I’ve started calling the processes I use “collaborative problem-solving” to avoid the confusion of IBB all together. Today we’ll delve … Continue reading Interest Based Bargaining: Part 3

Interest Based Bargaining: Pat 2

In my last post, I extolled the benefits of interest based approaches to contract negotiations.  Today we’ll delve into some of the misconceptions or myths about Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) as well as some of the drawbacks or limitations of this approach. Myth: Interest Based Bargaining is Fluffy, Slow, and Inefficient One of the common … Continue reading Interest Based Bargaining: Pat 2

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