Where Do you Eat By DIA?

Given the happily busy nature of this spring and summer, content blogging has taken a backseat to simply working as of late.  Starting next week, I’m happy to be welcoming a new working group from the United States Forest Service to Denver.  To help this group, I again want to offer some practical tips for the visit.

We’ll be meeting at the Baymont Inn and Suites by Denver International Airport.  This location is perfect for its proximity to the airport.  That said, it will take some extra effort if you want to get out and sample the goodness that Denver has to offer beyond the nearby airport community.  Most critically for our purposes…


Lunch for the working group is “on your own” but we can help organize order and delivery to the Baymont.  The following restaurants offer lunch delivery to the hotel.

Thai Chili and Sushi

Domino’s Pizza (Store ##6299 )

Mex Express

Ruby Tuesdays

Jimmy Johns- Pick Up Only


The hotel recommends any of the following restaurants for dinner. Links will take you to Yelp for reviews and more details.

  1. Diciccos Italian
  2. Ruby Tuesday
  3. Sporting News Grill
  4. Vinnie’s Grill
  5. Moonlight Diner
  6. Village Inn

If you want to venture “into town” for better options you can take the A-Train (airport train) or a taxi/Uber/Lyft into Downtown Denver.  A few of my go-to restaurants in the downtown Denver area include:

  1. Next Door– In historic (and easily accessible by public transportation) Union Station.
  2. Ophelia’s– Delicious food and extensive bar.  Funky vibe. Often has live music.
  3. La Loma– Tasty Mexican fare.  Get something smothered in Green Chile.
  4. Osteria Marco– Italian in a dressed up classic, pretty, downtown location.


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