Do you have a conference or retreat that needs just the right keynote speaker to get things off on the right foot? Are you looking to laugh, be inspired, and learn new skills? Carrie Bennett, founder of Learning Through Difference, LLC might be just the ticket!

Carrie began her public speaking career with a student council campaign speech in fifth grade. While she didn’t win the election, Carrie learned that she actually enjoyed connecting with her peers from behind a microphone. Carrie’s career in education gave her a multitude of opportunities to engage with students, parents, and community members and she has been honing her skills ever since.

As a keynote speaker who is also a skilled facilitator, Carrie works to engage audience members in all aspects of her talks. Be ready! Carrie’s talks are not “sit and get” events. Rather, participants will have opportunities to chew on new information independently and in pairs or small groups throughout Carrie’s talk. This approach deepens and solidifies learning and allows groups to build on the collective wisdom of their peers.

From kindergartners who can hardly hold still to seniors who can hardly hear, Carrie finds meaningful ways to connect across diverse audiences. She is also adaptable to distinct themes and topics. Carrie will work with you to craft and refine an uplifting message for your audience. Contact us today to explore possibilities for your next event!

Carrie’s  recent clients include: