Nov 20- Progress Made!

Last night we hosted the second of our “Communicating Through Conflict” workshops and it was SO fun.  We had a BUNCH of people there which helped.  Even more importantly, Kevin and I had worked together for much longer by this point and had taught this class together before.  This was HUGE for making us feel at ease with the content and with each other.  As comfortable as I have felt before, this was a testament to a professional relationship that has really grown and developed over time and experience of working together.

Tonight we also did my “mid-internship” evaluation.  I know it was super late but it was still a meaningful opportunity for feedback.  Kevin was very complimentary and even noted that I hadn’t worn sandals to work since my previous evaluation.  On the whole, this was a great opportunity to talk about what I hoped to do next with N2N and how it could continue to grow in the coming years.  It felt good to collaborate with Kevin, even in the midst of my “evaluation.”  It seemed to spring naturally from the conversation and the place our professional relationship had reached.  Looking ahead, I’m uncertain how much I’ll be able to continue to contribute to N2N but I am hopeful that I can at least stay involved to a certain degree (mediating small claims if not helping support program development).

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