Nov 12- Climate Change

This week I got to jump again to help Kevin with meeting facilitation for the efforts of local community groups.  This was the second of two meetings around the Corvallis Climate Change plan (I might have the wrong name there but it’s close to that).  Today felt REALLY fast in the way we moved through topics and I felt like the actual community involvement was impacted from the speed of the process.  A participant offered feedback confirming this feeling at the end of it all.  He felt frustrated that there wasn’t really time for thoughtful discussion.  I feel like there is often a tension between FULL involvement/participation and the efficiency of moving things forward.  It also reminded me of the tension of satisfying one stakeholder (the group who organized the meeting and set the times allowed for public feedback) and the rest of the stakeholders (actual community members who will be asked to support the plan).  As with all things, balance seems to be key…and difficult sometimes to achieve.

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