May 30- “Down Time”

Although this week was a frenzy of other activity, it was a down week in terms of N2N involvement.  I didn’t complete any hours this week for this internship.  I am interested, however, now that I’ve completed training for Small Claims Court mediation for both Linn/Benton and Lane Counties how different they seem.  The level of formality in Lane county seems to be much higher.  In Lane county we are expected to arrive 15 minutes early or we are considered late.  We have to dress very professionally and we have codes and hand scanners to move us through secure areas.  Benton county has a very different feel to it so far.  Personally, I think that my “style” is more like what I’ve seen so far in Benton County.  Although I feel like I can play the game as we are expected to in Lane, I am more comfortable with the competent but more relaxed and friendly feel of Benton County.

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