June 5- Gearing up

It seems like this whole spring/summer has been an iterative process of gearing up for work that will happen later.  This week I met with Wendy Kinkaid (CRES Cohort 8) to hear more about her work volunteering with N2N.  Kevin joined our meeting and we used the time to brainstorm future needs of N2N and how Wendy and I might fit into that.  As we talked, it became clear to me how important it is to clarify expectations and make sure that people’s priorities are, in fact, aligned or complimentary.  I’m quickly learning that being a CRESie who works in schools can mean VASTLY different things to people.  Ideally, we will be able to work together and compliment one another’s work but this takes careful coordination.  It sounds like N2N has a need to expand services more into Linn County (they are currently primarily working in Benton County).  I’m hopeful that I will be able to use the community connections I have in Linn County to help us reach this goal.  Again and again I’m seeing that everything in this world is about asking good questions and building/leveraging relationships.

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