Complexities of Collaboration

Last week Learning Through Difference, LLC and I had cause for big celebration.  A major client had reached a tentative agreement in their big-deal contract negotiation.  I was thrilled with the team and couldn't have been prouder of them for the outcome they reached.  As we entered the last day of our negotiations together, I … Continue reading Complexities of Collaboration

Conflict…and the Ostrich

Earlier today I was trolling Facebook for inspiration.  I know, I know, there are probably MANY better places than Facebook to find inspiration but there I just never know right?  While cat videos and recipe demonstrations don't tend to make inspire, a recent video of an emu and ostrich reacting to a "weasel ball" … Continue reading Conflict…and the Ostrich

Millennial Madness

 Yesterday during a community workshop I hosted, the challenges of working with and managing millennials came up as a specific conflict at one table.  We were exploring the idea of conflict styles and whether/how our natural styles for managing conflict were working (or not working) for the variety of people in the room and their … Continue reading Millennial Madness

White Elephants, Capuchens, and Human Behavior

When you receive a gift, what do you expect?  Given the wrapping etc. most gifts are a surprise but that doesn't mean we don't have certain expectations for them. We hope for something thoughtful, useful, or beautiful.  We hope to not have to feign gratitude over something we immediately can't wait to get rid of.  … Continue reading White Elephants, Capuchens, and Human Behavior

Microagressions: “Don’t be an ignorant Jerk.”

Do you ever have those moments when someone says an off handed comment that just doesn't sit right?  Your first response may be to laugh along with the joke or  smile, nod, and move on, but the comment sticks with you and makes you uncomfortable.  These moments are also examples of microagressions, everyday comments and … Continue reading Microagressions: “Don’t be an ignorant Jerk.”