July 3- Momentum and Fizzle

I’m was really excited about all the progress I had made with getting things set up for N2N workshops this week until…we had to talk to “the big boss” to get approval for all our plans. However supportive, the plans I had been working on all week were largely changed and I felt SUPER frustrated. It was difficult for me to figure out if I was annoyed because the feedback seemed to negate work that had taken me hours to do, because I just don’t like being told no, or because I’m still traumatized from recent previous professional experiences where I thought I was moving ahead in the spirit of my work’s purpose and was then repeatedly shut down. Regardless of the reasons for my consternation, I was thankful for a long holiday weekend in the woods to mull things over and reframe the situation. I definitely appreciate just how “low power distance” I am (I despise having to get approval from a higher authority).  While I still think I enjoy working collaboratively, I really notice how frustrating it is to me when others disagree with my ideas.  It reminded me of my MBTI profile and the “stress head” of what things drive me crazy. 

ENTPstresshead ENTP


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