June 27- Focused Work and Progress Made

This was a busy week for N2N!  I met with Kevin again to clarify responsibilities for my work with N2N and make a list of concrete tasks.  Within two days, I had already made significant progress on those tasks and I was excited to see how they turned out.  I was grateful to pull on design and marketing experience from my Career Center GTF and from working with my roller derby league to make attractive flyers and posters to advertise our work.  Visually, I’m excited for how these will work out.  Even more importantly, I’m excited to have these tools to use in outreach in Linn County.  It feels good to have made some concrete progress.

Flyer to give to new residents:


Poster to hang in Linn County to advertise services:


Letter to send to managers of mobile home parks:


In other news, I got to observe Mike and Brian mediate in Small Claims this week and they were masterful!  It was a really really messy situation and they used all the greatest mediator tricks.  The parties came to agreement in spite of significant ongoing differences and high emotions in the room.  Finally, I attended a workshop called “Working Across Differences” in Linn County.  Overall, I did not gain much from the experience.  It made me grateful that conversations like this are happening in our community and made me appreciate how much I had learned in Professor Tint’s classes.

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