June 24- Evaluations

It was rewarding to synthesize the results from the UWEC immersion workshop. I think we often don’t spend enough time pre-assessing students before we teach nor evaluating our work afterwards to see if we were successful.  Assessment at the end gives invaluable insights into how to improve to further enrich the experience.  Overall, the participants’ feedback was incredibly positive. ( Workshop Evaluation Final) Laurel, Mari, and I discussed ideas of how to change the workshop for the future.  It sounds like the UWEC folks will be back in winter or spring so it will be nice to have another opportunity to teach this class (if that’s an option for me).  I get the sense that Laurel has way more on her plate than is really manageable.  I’m excited to find ways that I can help, partially to free her up and decrease her stress and partially because it will be really great experience for me.

This week I also learned that I have definitely been selected to work with the Healthy Democracy project in Salem in August.  This will again be a good opportunity for networking and to practice some facilitation.  More on that will follow.

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