National Policy Consensus Center


The National Policy Consensus Center or NPCC at Portland State University is:

“is an applied research and development center in collaborative governance that serves both the state of Oregon and a national audience.”

In my internship with NPCC I will be working across the center’s various programs.  This experience will help me develop a diversity of skills from facilitating collaborative efforts directly to organizing and planning large collaborative events with hundreds of stakeholders.  Perhaps even more importantly, it will introduce me to some of the main players in Oregon’s collaborative governance world and give me a window into the types of work that can be done in creative civic engagement.

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My weekly blog posts are indexed below:

May 30- Workshop Preparation

June 3- Preparation

June 10- News!

June 20- Teaching

June 24- Evaluations

July 1-Growing Connections

July 8- Power, deliberation, and democracy

July 21- RAC Summit Preparation

August 7- Whirlwinds

August 26- Identity Negotiation and Exhaustion

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