Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation


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Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation is dedicated to:

“providing peaceful solutions to conflict through mediation, facilitation, education and training… to provide families, neighborhoods, and crime victims the means to achieve peace and reconciliation.”

In my work with N2N I will serve as a community volunteer for both small claims court mediation and for community disputes.  In addition, I will work on the organizational side to support the N2N mission.  My primary focus will be outreach to communities in Linn County with a goal of increasing participation with N2N by 10% for both volunteers and participants in mediation.

Posts from my N2N Internship are Indexed Here

May 16- Small Claims Observation

May 22- Small Claims Training

May 30- Pictures in Contrast

June 5- Gearing up

June 13- No Agreements

June 27- Progress Made

July 3- Momentum and Fizzle

July 10- Courage and Realism

July 22-23- Adaptability and Assertiveness

July 29-30: Materials Preparations

August 6- Competency and Compliments

August 26- Reality Checks and Moving Up

September 2, Gratitude and Chasing Opportunity


September 19, Back in the Swing of Things

September 29, Sustainable Chart-writing 101

October 8- Slow Going in Case Development

October 16, Planting Seeds of Connection

October 24- Small Victories

Nov 8- Conflcit Among Mediators

Nov 12- Climate Change

Nov 20- Progress Made

Nov 24- Community

Dec 2- Slumdog Millionaire Mediator


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