Oct 30- Climate Change In the News

This week I helped record community feedback on a Corvallis Climate Action Plan.  It was exciting to see SO many interested people in the room, mainly calling for loftier, more stringent goals.  It was interesting to watch myself suspend judgement and simply record the conversation at the same time as my critical thinking brain engaged with the substance of their work.

Kevin did a great job of moving us from item to item and getting a TON of content worked into just 2 hours.  The work got us some attention in the press including TWO articles in the local newspaper, the Corvallis Gazette Times. We also got a write-up in the OSU student newspaper The Daily Barometer.   Regardless of the degree to which this plan will impact climate change, it was exciting to feel like the work we did was important enough for two separate reporters to come out and cover it!


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