October 8- Slow Going in Case Development

I remember when I was an educator, one of my biggest frustrations was the speed at which some things seemed to change.  In particular, when coordinating services with families in need, it seemed that it was always incredibly difficult to get in touch with people in need AND the services providers who could most help them.  In working to develop two community cases with N2N I’m finding a bit of the same problem.  In this case, I AM the service provider but the going is still slow.  Perhaps, this is just another good lesson in persistence.

In more exciting news, we had a breakthrough success in a small claims case last week.  At one point, one of the parties uttered the five word “kiss of death” for many mediation cases, “It’s just a matter of principle!” And yet, the parties called on their better selves and arrived at a satisfactory resolution.  My co-mediator and I were truly exhilarated with the process and the outcome.  It was the best of transformational mediation, even in an otherwise cut and dried case of debt.

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