August 7- Whirlwinds

I feel like this summer has already been super busy but the next few weeks are going to be absolutely absurd.  I met with Shannon today to start working on more details for the RAC Summit.  I feel good about how things will go for the pop-up sessions and I feel like I’ve gained her trust which feels good.  As we made plans I realized that all the projects I’ve been prepping for are going to be coming together next week.  Monday and Tuesday I’ll be in Portland prepping for the Healthy Democracy Citizen’s Initiative Review Panel.  Wednesday I’ll be in Albany working with N2N on final workshop preparation.  Wednesday night I’ll head over to Bend so I can be ready for the early phases of the RAC Summit on Thursday morning.  Thursday and Friday will be all RAC and then Saturday will be our facilitator’s training for Healthy Democracy in Salem.  Needless to say, I’ll be crisscrossing the state AND juggling responsibilities for three different internships in just one week.  I’m not sure that we have a section on self care and sanity in our course load but I’m going to be sure to take some time to myself to just relax in the midst of all this!

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