July 10- Courage and Realism

Today I made my first phone call to officially open a case for mediation.  I had assumed I would be working under the guidance of a more skilled mediator (and I will be) but today he suggested that I call the first party.  I was surprised just how nervous I felt as I called the number.  Talk about managing strong emotions!  I can’t terribly upset when I had to leave a message and call back later.  I also started calling managers of various manufactured home communities today.  Connecting with these managers is a critical piece to hosting successful events in the next few months.  It was exciting but also somewhat nerve-wracking to actually start talking with them.  I’ll be excited to have a few meetings (or at least information exchanges) done so I can start feeling like I’m in some sort of a groove with this kind of work.  It’s amazing how unsettling new challenges can be even when they’re exactly what you want to be doing. 

People are very open-minded about new things – as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.

Charles Kettering

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