May 30- Preparing for Workshop

Today I met with Mari and Laurel at NPCC to plan the upcoming immersion workshop with the UWEC students. I admit, I was a bit overwhelmed at first, navigating to their building at PSU and then trying to find their particular offices. I was happy to have the good work habits of showing up REALLY early so I wouldn’t be stressed about running late. I was also relieved to find just how nice and supportive everyone I met at NPCC seemed to be. I feel like there’s always a balance between being casual and being professional. I do best in places that hold high standards but are also relatively informal (using first names instead of long titles, etc.). The preparation for the workshop went really well. I am excited with the trust Laurel is showing in me to create new components of the workshop and with the support that Mari will be providing throughout. I also met with Sarah Giles today about the possibility of working on a project with NPCC and Portland Public Schools. I’m getting the sense that this internship will be rich in networking opportunities even if it isn’t doing exactly what I hope to be doing professionally in the future.

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