June 10- News!

Having turned in the pieces of the UWEC workshop last week I didn’t have anything new to work on this week.  That said, I did learn that my tuition is covered over the summer thanks to the GTF “summer sandwich.”  Honestly, this made me feel like Dagwood, looking at the most exciting sandwich ever.


I feel SO thankful to be able to do the work I was planning on doing anyway (as a volunteer, simply for the experience) for credit.  More than anything, it means that next year will be a little more manageable because I won’t be cramming ALL of my internship credits into the school year.  I imagine I will continue to do similar work with these same organizations through next school year but I can do so at a more manageable pace AND have more time to focus on my thesis.  I recognize how lucky I am, just like Dagwood is lucky to have Blondie, and will keep this in mind next year.  It is a privilege to have a GTF.  The financial benefit is really just a piece of the overall peace of mind I have gained.  When I graduate, I will have no debt.  This will free me to pursue different types of work than if I had taken out loans.  My fellow CRESies may not have this same privilege.

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